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Arminter S.A.M. is a company established in the Principality of Monaco and active in the shipping industry since 1987.


The core business of the Company was, since the beginning, the full management of tankers and dry cargo ships, but in 1996 a partner company, Navigestion S.A.M., was created to take care of the technical management (including crew), and Arminter S.A.M. kept the commercial management.


In 1994 Arminter S.A.M. and Soponata S.A. (Sociedade Portuguesa de Navios Tanques) of Lisbon created a joint venture, called “Sopotank Marine Inc.”, which operated successfully on the Product Tankers market till the year 2001, when Soponata S.A. decided to leave the Product Tankers market and to concentrate only on the Crude Oil Carriers market.


Until the year 2003, the Company focused on the management of tanker vessels and achieved a very high standard and excellent relationships with the oil companies (particularly with BP, Total, Shell, Conoco and Cepsa) and the oil traders.


In 2001 Arminter, together with its partner company, Navigestion, was actively involved, on behalf of its clients, in the construction of five tanker vessels in Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Korea. These tanker vessels, as listed here below, were managed by Arminter and Navigestion till July/August 2004, when they were sold en-bloc by the Owners to a German K.G. company.


1. MT Flores – SDWT 37.274 mt – built 2001

2. MT Sicilia – SDWT 37.274 mt – built 2001

3. MT Kerel – SDWT 37.274 mt – built 2002

4. MT Giannutri - SDWT 37.274 mt – built 2004

5. New Building Hyundai Mipo Hull No.0206 – DWT 37.000 mt – delivery in Jan. 2005


The above mentioned tanker vessels, except for the last one, were chartered by major oil Companies on long term charters (BP chartered MT Flores and MT Sicilia, CSSA chartered MT Kerel and MT Giannutri).


It is worth to point out that the above mentioned vessels, as well as all the other tankers managed by Arminter S.A.M., were always approved by the major oil companies and traders.


In 2003 Arminter clients bought a Handymax Bulk Carrier of about 43,000 Dwt, built in 1998 at IHI, Japan, renamed “Barra”, and took on long term charter, with purchase option, a Panamax Bulk Carrier of 75,730 mt SDWT, built in 2003 at Sanoyas, Japan: M/V “Red Iris”. The purchase option on M/V Red Iris was exercised in October 2009 and M/V Barra was sold in July 2010. As from May 2013 one more Bulk Carrier is under Arminter management: M/V “Verdi”, a Supramax of 58,758 mt SDWT, built 2007 at Tsuneishi Zhoushan Shipyard.


As from April 2013 Arminter is taking care again of the full ship management, including technical and crew management.


During its many years of business activity, Arminter S.A.M. successfully managed several vessels and adapted its structure to meet the ever increasing requirements of the managed fleet and of the industry.



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